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A childrens circus themed dessert table indulgence bar at London's toy shop, Hamleys
Hamleys London
Indulgence Bar®
Arguably the most famous toy shop in the World, Hamleys has been trading for almost 260 years! Their flagship Regent Street store is a London landmark and it was an absolute privilege to create this circus themed Indulgence Bar® for one of their childrens parties.
Childrens circus themed dessert table indulgence bar at Hamleys
A circus themed Indulgence Bar®, full of colour, intricate detailing and of course, magic.
A tall circus themed childrens party cake for Hamleys toy shop
A single tiered black, white, red and gold children's party cake for Hamleys top shop in Regent Street, London
Skilfully hand-crafted circus animals including Linda the Lion stood guard around the gigantic 4 feet tall centrepiece.
A handmade cake lion shaped animal sitting on a cupcake
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A handmade cake monkey sitting on a cupcake
A handmade cake elephant sitting amongst Hamleys branded cupcakes
There’s always one little cheeky monkey! Nellie’s favourite product...chocolate covered oreos.
An elegant gold jewelry box with a branded Hamleys cookie and some giant red and gold macarons
Red and gold giant macarons above followed by these miniature cupcakes in the style of top hats and wands.
Hamleys cupcakes in the style of top hats and wands
Chocolate covered baby oreo cookies branded with the iconic Hamleys logo.
Oreo style cookies with Hamleys logo on an elegant gold tray
Lolli cakes in chocolate red and gold colours with Hamleys logo tied with ribbon around the lolli sticks
Our cake lollies are always a big hit with the kids.
Cookies in the shape of black top hats with Hamleys logo
A sparkly black & gold top hat and Hamley’s cookies, a magical combo.
A lion shaped cake model sitting on a cupcake
A seal shaped cake model sitting on a cupcake
And here’s Linda again, sitting proud on her cupcake throne next to old Cyril the Seal.
A circus themed Indulgence Bar® at Hamleys toy shop, red, white, black and gold with animals and magic
What better place to have a childrens birthday party than Hamleys, the finest toy shop in the World.

Children's Indulgence Bar®: GC Couture   Venue: Hamleys  
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